What’s Next for Ambulatory Care After COVID-19? The Magic 8 Ball Says…


To say that COVID-19 has disrupted the ambulatory care setting would be a massive understatement. Many ambulatory providers find themselves treating patients over the phone or through video conferences, and their staff has seen their work hours cut or, even worse, been furloughed. But, as the federal government and many states are actively moving toward re-opening, we shook up our Magic 8 ball and asked a few questions about what’s next for ambulatory care in the coming months…

Will Ambulatory Clinics Play a Role in Combating Future Waves of COVID-19?

Magic 8 Ball says: Signs point to yes.

There is still so much we don’t know about COVID-19… what percent of the population has been exposed, what symptoms, if any, might represent in mild cases, the list goes on and on. We can see a scenario where ambulatory clinics become the perfect location to obtain much-needed data to fill in the many knowledge gaps that exist around this virus.

Hurdles do remain, though. For example:

  • What data points need to be collected and how will they be reported?
  • How will providers be compensated for the time spent testing patients and collecting data?
  • Will an EHR template be available to capture all the information? And, if so, how is the data shared with local and state health authorities, as well as federal agencies?

Involved parties will need to move quickly to address these and other issues that could keep ambulatory clinics from providing this vital function.

Can MDabstract Help Your Clinics with Telehealth and COVID-19 Data Capture?

Magic 8 Ball says: Without a doubt!

Whatever the future holds for ambulatory practices, one thing is certain: It will require flexibility and rapid adoption. We have 10 years of experience working remotely to ensure providers have the data they need at their fingertips to treat patients and capture data elements for research, and payer and governmental reporting requirements. We can rapidly deploy our expertise so your practice doesn’t miss a beat. If your clinic or group of practices needs a seasoned third party partner to assist with the changes heading your way, let’s set up a meeting.

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