New Technology Adoption

Accurate Clinical Data for your Organization When You Need It.

Introducing New Technology into your IT ecosystem opens the door for improvements in all aspects of your organization.

However, with this positive impact, there are risks to both current platforms and users. Duplicate data. The need to merge data. MPI reconciliation. There are many areas where manual intervention is needed to limit new technology disruptions to patient care, provider productivity and on-going business operations. 

As a full data and documentation managed service MDabstract will provide the expert level staff to virtually review, validate, and integrate data for all needed platforms during your organization’s new technology adoption efforts.

With MDabstract’s New Technology Adoption solutions, you receive:

“MDsolutions QAP” proprietary training and ongoing auditing program.

Customized process designed to integrate new technology into your organization’s existing data governance standards to help eliminate disruptions to all stakeholders

An expert, virtual team of staff, trained to your organization’s data and documentation specification that becomes an extension of your internal resources.

Ability to validate, reconcile, and abstract data and documents from multiple sources to optimize workflow efficiencies.

“MDsolutions QA” proprietary training and ongoing auditing program.

Open the door for improvement in all aspects of your organization.