Healthcare Credentialing Solutions

Healthcare Professionals form the foundation of patient care. Let MDabstract and our DocuV Credentialing Verification solutions help you get them to work.

Your Credentialing Verification process can make the difference between a new hire becoming a happy employee. With our fully managed solutions, designed for both staffing companies and healthcare organizations, your HCPs will go from an offer to the unit with a seamless, hassle free experience.

Our Credentialing Solutions provides both quality and speed. In today’s tight employment environment, it is critical that credentialing verification occur as quickly as possible. While speed is needed, compliance is key. We understand the challenge of meeting both quality and timeline and our streamlined solution can deliver both.

Customized Verification Options for both Hospital Systems and Healthcare Staffing Agencies

Employment/Education Verification

Background, Drug and Health Screening

Healthcare Professional Licensure Checks

Customized Technology Stacks to create efficiencies and meaningful progress communication

Your existing credentialing verification management system
Kamana – Nursing and Allied Professional compliance and credentialing platform.

MDsolutions Hub – a real time, end to end, secure platform provided by MDabstract

A Proven Process.

With MDabstract’s DocuV Credentialing Verification solution we deliver:


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