Ongoing Chart Prep

Accurate Clinical Data for your Organization When You Need It.

For Healthcare to work, needed data must be available for clinicians and HCPs at the point of care.

With interfaces and eFaxing, critical results and images can sit in an in-box or patient chart, remaining unavailable for use in critical decision making.
As a full data and documentation managed service MDabstract will provide the expert level staff to virtually review, route, discretely abstract and/or file all results, documents, and images as they arrive in your data platform. Move your data from stagnant to actionable allowing for optimized clinical workflow and business processes.

With MDabstract’s Ongoing Chart Prep+ solutions, you receive:

An expert, virtual team of staff, trained to your organization’s data and documentation specification that becomes an extension of your internal resources.

Customized process design to optimize your data and documentation workflow and ensure they are where you need them, when you need them, for every patient.

Ability to validate, reconcile and abstract data and documents from multiple sources to optimize workflow efficiencies.

Access to the MDsolutions Hub for on-demand insight into ongoing daily progress and dashboard metrics

“MDsolutions QA” proprietary training and ongoing auditing program.

We develop and implement data “rules” for your organization that optimize clinic workflow. Save your organization's staff, space, and technology resources.

How Ongoing Data Capture Works

Client has non-discrete information coming into their platforms from multiple disparate sources.

The MDabstract staff will connect remotely and access all source locations securely inside your environment.

MDabstract staff reviews documents and populates patient charts with most up-to-date clinical or operational information.

Initial and ongoing quality validation process to ensure data accuracy.

Our services save your organization time and expense when compared to conversion software or an in-house solution.


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