Operational Data Abstraction

The business of healthcare is driven by much more than just clinical data.

Practice Management (PM), Billing, Patient Index, Enterprise Resource Planning information all are needed to effectively manage your organization.

Migrating and ongoing management of this data can require many staff resources with various expertise levels.
As a full data and documentation managed service MDabstract can provide the expert level staffing, virtually, and make the day-to-day management of these operational data needs seamless for your organization.

With MDabstract’s Operational Data Abstraction solution, you receive an expert, virtual team of staff that will migrate all types of operational data for both acute and ambulatory setting. Including:

Patient Demographic Information

Referral/Authorization Entry

Chart/Confidential Alert Information

Appointment Entry – Acute, Ambulatory, Testing, Surgical Procedures

Financial / Billing Data

Enterprise Resource Planning Information

Master Patient Index Reconciliation

Open Order Entry and Satisfaction

MDabstract has the expertise to migrate Operational Data for both Acute and Ambulatory settings as your organization migrates to a new EHR platform or acquires facilities, practices or providers which includes:

Customized process design to ensure operational data is where you need it, when you need it based on your specific workflow or data governance needs.

Ability to validate, reconcile, and abstract operational data from multiple sources to optimize workflow efficiencies.

A proven, on-going Quality Assurance program for the duration of your project that ensure the consistency and accuracy of your most valuable resource.

Access to the MDsolutions Hub for on-demand insight into your projects progress and dashboard metrics.

Our services save your organization time and expense when compared to conversion software or an in-house solution.