3 Keys for Healthcare to Successfully Survive COVID-19


In healthcare, we have long identified with the adage that the only thing that remains the same is that everything is always changing, and that’s never been more true than in the time of COVID-19. Our healthcare leaders, physicians, nurses, and supporting staff are in an environment where things are changing — not by the day or hour, but by the minute.

As some areas of the country enter their seventh week of treating this pandemic, here is what we have learned so far from our clients… and remember, this will change not long after we finish writing it, so check back in regularly to see our latest takeaways.

#1: Flexibility has never been more important.

As a human solution, we know firsthand the importance of flexibility, but the level of flexibility needed to successfully maneuver a novel coronavirus is truly next-level. Everyone in the healthcare ecosystem, including vendors and government agencies, must work together to achieve the higher purpose of protecting our healthcare workers and treating the COVID-19 patient population as efficiently and successfully as possible. In the end, the flexibility on display now will be a great thing for healthcare and help break down silos that have kept our innovation behind other sectors.

#2: Technology is key, but adaptability will win the day.

The rapid deployment of technologies to fight COVID-19 is remarkable in its scale. Surgery units transformed overnight into ICU wards and field hospitals staged on football fields have expanded the care setting at a critical moment. Telemedicine stood up to help screen potential virus patients remotely, as well as provide vital continuing medical treatment for the hundreds of thousands of citizens sheltering in place in their homes.

But it isn’t just the technologies that have made this possible. It is the adaptability of those in the healthcare field to find innovative ways to accomplish things under enormous pressure, with the help of staff at all levels. IT Directors are sourcing supplies; application directors are working day and night with both physicians and patients to roll out new platforms; and vendors are working overtime to bring solutions to clients in timelines that were once unthinkable.

Our human resources and their adaptability are our biggest asset in this fight. And if your staffing has been hit hard by the virus, reach out to your vendor community because we’re here to help.

#3: The change is just beginning.

Over the past few weeks, old totems have fallen. Virtual care, telemedicine, data sharing, and a level of collaboration long hoped for have finally been unleashed. It’s a level of change that can’t be put back inside the box and will fundamentally alter the way Americans access healthcare moving forward. But we have a long way to go before we can put this pandemic behind us, and hospitals and physician practices have to be able to get back to the business of performing vital tests and procedures. At the same time, they also need to prepare for any potential second coronavirus wave. Navigating these challenges will continue to take innovation, adaption, and flexibility. Those with the best teams, both staff and vendors, will set the course of healthcare for the next decade.

Flexible, Supportive Data Solutions

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