Quality Data Mining & Reporting


Increase efficiency with data mining that makes reporting simple. Our quality reporting gets the right patient data into the right spot in your EHR. On time. Every time.

Time frames are short. List of required metrics continues to grow. Financial impact is high.

For submission of required facility and patient level metrics to payer and government entities to be successful, data must be available, accurate, and minable.
Locating data in scanned or interfaced documents can add a further level of complexity to an already tight timeline. As a full data and document managed service, MDabstract provides the expert level staffing to understand, locate and take action on the quality measures important to your organizations reporting success. And be it short-term mining assistance or long-term quality metric entry MDabstract will design and customize a solution to meet your needs.

Get a customized project plan to partner with your organization for reporting success. With several potential project durations:

Short-term during submittal period

Gap analysis to identify missing metrics at specified intervals

On-going to partner with your organization for daily mining and entry of your organizations metrics

With MDabstract’s Data Mining & Reporting Solution, you receive:

An expert, virtual team of staff, trained to your organization’s specifications that becomes an extension of your internal resources.

Ability to validate, reconcile, and abstract data and documents from multiple sources to ensure needed metrics are located and acted upon.

“MDsolutions QA” proprietary training and ongoing auditing program.

Access to the MDsolutions Hub for on-demand insight into ongoing daily progress and dashboard metrics.

Accurate Data. Submission Ready. Improved Results.

How Ongoing Data Capture Works

Source data such as paper, dictation system, hospital EHR system, practice EHR system.

The MDabstract staff will connect remotely and access all source locations securely inside your environment.

MDabstract staff searches through source data to find all needed measure data elements.

Initial and ongoing quality validation process ensures data accuracy.

Your organization will have the data it needs to successfully submit and prove quality.