3 Ways a Data and Documentation Managed Service Will Help with The “Great Resignation”


The “Great Resignation” has led many business sectors to cry uncle in the last year, and healthcare is no exception. From physicians to billing specialists to medical assistants and every position in between, staff shortages are negatively impacting inpatient and ambulatory workflows and further compounding COVID-induced access issues.  

While a 3rd party partner cannot solve all healthcare staffing woes, outsourcing data and documentation processes to a managed service can provide much-needed relief for clinics and hospitals.  

When deciding if healthcare data solutions would benefit your organization consider the following: 

Staff Shortages in Healthcare 

So much has been written about the challenges of finding and hiring staff talent that we won’t belabor the point; but with a managed service your, “We can’t find staff” turns into, “We’ve got that covered”. And on top of staffing no longer being an organizational headache, a managed service has the added benefits of scalability and savings, as discussed below.  

Staff Scaling for your Organization 

With the national emergency stage of COVID behind us, patient volumes have seen dramatic increases in recent months. But staffing shortages are hampering operations and patient access is suffering. With managed IT services for healthcare, data and documentation processes don’t eat up staff time, and they can be dedicated to patient-facing tasks, so your organization can do more volume with fewer staff members. The staff scaling needed for your organization to reach its growth potential is no longer a barrier. 

Save Money on Onboarding, Training, and Managing Staff

Healthcare organizations are experiencing unprecedented cost pressure and are looking for every possible efficiency. But staffing shortages are rapidly driving up the cost of FTE and temporary staff options. How much time and money are you spending to find, onboard, train, and manage data and documentation staff? What are your FTE/Temp, benefits, and overtime costs? With a managed service you no longer have to manage these numbers and can focus on competitively spending staff dollars on patient-facing positions.  

Schedule a discovery session with MDabstract and let us help stop the uphill staffing battle costing your organization market growth and valuable financial resources.  

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