Why MDabstract Works Remotely


At MDabstract, we do all our work remotely.

You read that right!

All our abstraction and indexing work is done remotely. Here’s why.

A health care organization’s need for abstraction and document indexing services has no end date. However, they often experience a lack of space and computer equipment to accommodate the number of staff needed to efficiently maintain the volume of work. That’s a problem! 

Imagine your health system is migrating to a new EHR system and needs to abstract and/or index clinical data for 1,000+ patient appointments per day. That can easily take 25 or more abstractors working full-time.

Now imagine you have to find the space to house that team and then acquire the computers, monitors, and other technology needed to outfit that space. Before one day of work is complete, your organization has already spent thousands of dollars… all for a project that you believe will take 6-12 months.

So what’s the solution? Remote work. 

By working remotely, MDabstract is able to maintain a qualified team of trained abstractors and create a cost savings for our clients by utilizing our permanent space and equipment for their project.

To our clients, it’s like we’re just in the next room; but the quality of the data migration and efficiencies they realize would be hard to produce with an in-house or temporary staffing model.

If your organization is looking to undertake a migration or ongoing data capture project, get in touch with us today! Our team can help you create a positive return on investment from day one.

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