Telehealth During COVID-19: Helping Physicians — Now, More Than Ever


We would be lying if we said this is how we expected to be celebrating our 10th year of helping providers and hospitals with their discrete data needs. We had a party planned, we were inviting many of our first clients (a good majority who, we are happy to say, are still our clients), our physician owners and the team of project managers and abstractors who have made our organization grow exponentially every year for the last decade…

But here we are, in a time when our clients are on the front lines doing their daily heroic work, and where no group larger than a family unit is to gather together.

With everything going on, it got us thinking.

10 years ago, when we founded MDabstract, it was in response to a tectonic shift that was headed toward physicians and bringing a tsunami of change. The advent of the Electronic Health Record era had begun and there was no choice but to brace for it and adapt.

Our entire goal was to be a service that could help physicians and their organizations not just survive, but thrive — a “dance in the rain” kind of partner. And we feel like we have met, and continue to meet, that goal since our clients are our biggest source of growth.

Now here we are, with another tectonic shift that is bigger than anything healthcare ever imagined, and it’s causing our industry to rapidly adapt.

COVID-19 has changed everything about how we deliver care in America, and it has brought about the introduction of Telehealth, or Telemedicine, in what, to patients, seems like an overnight fashion.

But Telehealth isn’t new. Many healthcare organizations have been offering limited virtual visits for some time. And just like for the last 10 years, MDabstract has been right there alongside them, ensuring their providers have the critical discrete clinical data needed to deliver quality patient care.

At MDabstract, we help physicians.

We help the hospitals they staff and the clinics they run — and be it an EHR migration, quality reporting measures, or a Telehealth visit, we will keep making sure they have the vital patient information they need at their fingertips so patients can receive the best care possible.

Now, more than ever, we’re here to help.

With one call, we can set up a 30-minute meeting and see how we can begin helping your organization in these unprecedented times.

If your hospital is introducing Telehealth and needs help preparing clinical data for patient visits, or if your staff has been depleted due to COVID-19, call us at (904) 338-6942.

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