Physician Burnout, COVID-19, and Critical Conversations


MDabstract was founded with one primary goal: helping physicians. We understood the burden that EHR adoption, data capture, and clinical documentation were placing on providers and wanted to be part of the solution that allowed them to do what they do best — treat patients.

But over the last 10 years, the burden on providers has only continued to grow for a host of administrative and clinical reasons. Much has been written about the high instances of burnout and moral injury all levels of healthcare providers are experiencing.

And now this.

The countless changes and stress that have been thrown at doctors, nurses, and advanced practitioners in nine short weeks will undeniably have long-term implications on provider well-being for many years to come. We already know of one front-line physician who has died by suicide and over 85 nurses who have perished from exposure to the virus. It is well within reason to expect the COVID-19 era to produce war-like PTSD in our clinicians.

So, what can we do?

As a service in the Healthcare IT space, we will start by listening. Providers know best what they need to recover from this moment and get back to patient care being their #1 concern.

All of us in the healthcare ecosystem: vendors, government agencies, payers, and hospitals can listen. Then, we can get to work developing actionable steps that can be taken to deliver resources and support that can help. We can step out of our silos to create systemic change for the better.

None of us in healthcare asked for this pandemic, but what if it can be used as the catalyst to bring about the much needed, sustainable change that has been discussed ad nauseum?

As we begin to figure out what the new normal looks like, and we begin to assess the impact this virus has had on our healthcare community, we at MDabstract have a renewed focus on helping physicians and care providers. We hope you will join us in this critically important conversation.

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