Manual Data & EHR Migration

Save time and resources with accurate, standardized data, migrated by trained medical staff.

The initial transition to an EHR can be overwhelming for physicians, support staff and administration.

We migrate the historical clinical data discretely into the new EHR before a provider sees the patient, which protects clinic productivity and downstream business processes. This reduces redundancy and medical errors, and allows the focus to remain on optimal patient outcomes.

MDabstract’s trained abstractors will move your data quickly and accurately, protecting productivity for your clinicians.

How MDabstract Helps

The electronic conversion software available today can successfully map exact code to code. However, often it does not recognize the difference in EHR system terminology, and cannot discretely populate the narrative patient information that is so vital to providers. We use clinical abstractors to migrate your data manually.

Source Data

Paper, dictation system, multiple EHR systems. 

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The MDabstract Staff will connect remotely and access all source locations securely inside your environment.

Discretely populate all data elements into clients EHR system
Initial and ongoing quality validation process to ensure data accuracy

Data That Works

We partner with you to establish a data strategy that meets the specific needs of your project.

Dedicated Project Management

MDabstract provides each project with a team of managers, supervisors and auditors that will be available to your organization during all phases of your migration and day to day implementation.

Save Time & Money

Our services save your organization time and expense when compared to conversion software or an in-house solution.