MDabstract Easing the EHR Transition

With the passage of the HITECH Act in 2009, the era of the electronic patient record was ushered into healthcare at warp speed. What wasn’t known at the time was the burden the transition, and ongoing EHR usage, would place on health systems, providers and the patients they serve. In response to this pain, and […]

Manual Clinical Abstraction: 2 Reasons Why it Should be Part of Your EHR Migration Strategy

Provider productivity is the lynchpin of the healthcare system – here’s how manual clinical abstraction can help organizations better maintain it during an EHR migration. According to a recent American Medical Group Association survey, average physician productivity, or the quantity of physicians’ work, dropped in 2018, thanks, in part, to “burdensome electronic health record (EHR) […]

Push and Squeeze: EHR Migrations in the New Normal

With the business-altering events of 2020, many hospital systems are being stretched in ways previously unimaginable. Despite the new challenges, capital projects that have been in the works for years, such as EHR migrations, must push forward with additional fiscal constraints. Let’s take a look at how utilizing an expert clinical abstraction partner to manually […]

Healthcare’s New Virtual Reality

Virtual. Remote. Contact-less. Whatever term you have embraced since the pandemic began, the necessity of in-person encounters in healthcare is experiencing a drastic reduction. In the last several months, Epic and Cerner have both accomplished virtual EHR migrations to their platforms. The College of Healthcare Information Executives (CHIME) is requesting HHS, CMS, and OCR extend […]

Physician Burnout, COVID-19, and Critical Conversations

MDabstract was founded with one primary goal: helping physicians. We understood the burden that EHR adoption, data capture, and clinical documentation were placing on providers and wanted to be part of the solution that allowed them to do what they do best — treat patients. But over the last 10 years, the burden on providers […]

What Remains: An Appreciation Post

COVID-19 has brought about challenges many of us never could have imagined as we watched the ball drop to ring in 2020. In five short months, so much has changed, and much of it doesn’t fall into the “dream come true” category. Despite all the less than ideal, there are things we hope remain once […]