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The Useable Data Solution

MDabstract offers human abstraction solutions that help medical organizations across the country with EHR migrations, clinical data capture, electronic filing and quality reporting.

Data & EHR Migration

Our real medical staff manually migrates your clinical data from any legacy source. A fool-proof system of checks ensures accuracy of information.

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Ongoing Data Capture

The need for ongoing discrete data capture doesn’t end just because the migration is over. Ensuring the legal chart contains the most up to date, accurate clinical information helps reduce redundancies, decrease errors and enhance health outcomes.

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Data Mining & Reporting

Turn your raw data into meaningful information that puts your organization on the road to successfully providing quality and effectively meeting submission guidelines.

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Electronic Filing/Indexing

Your organization will need access to historical patient documents and images in order to move forward efficiently. Our trained staff will correctly e-file any and all medical documents within each patient’s electronic chart.

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MDabstract provides...

Cost Savings

Working with the experts at MDabstract provides real savings compared to electronic or in-house staffing options.


With an ongoing QA program, you can trust your clinical data will be where you need it, when you need it.


Scale up or down based on your needs, whether you are a sole-practitioner or a 1,000+ provider health system.

Dedicated Project Management

MDabstract provides each project with a team of managers, supervisors and auditors that will be available to your organization during all phases of your migration and day to day implementation.


Having accurate data in the right place allows staff and providers to be more efficient – and you won’t lose productivity due to missing documentation.

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