How We Help.

The Usable Data Solution

MDabstract offers human abstraction solutions that help medical organizations across the country with EHR migrations, clinical data capture, electronic filing and quality reporting.

MDabstract provides...

Cost Savings

Working with the experts at MDabstract provides real savings compared to electronic or in-house staffing options.


With an ongoing QA program, you can trust your clinical data will be where you need it, when you need it.


Scale up or down based on your needs, whether you are a sole-practitioner or a 1,000+ provider health system.

Dedicated Project Management

MDabstract provides each project with a team of managers, supervisors and auditors that will be available to your organization during all phases of your migration and day to day implementation.


Having accurate data in the right place allows staff and providers to be more efficient – and you won’t lose productivity due to missing documentation.

EHR Data for Telehealth

COVID-19 has made virtual visits and telehealth connectivity the new normal, which healthcare providers have been using to treat new and existing patients. 

To ensure a successful adoption of these platforms, it’s vital for you to have historical health information for each visit. This way, you can quickly identify underlying comorbidities and share critical data needed for the diagnosis and treatment of this virus. 

Our remote, manual abstraction and discrete data services enable telehealth patients to be properly prepped so you have the EHR data you need at your fingertips for each visit.

Telehealth Patient Prep

  • Prepare telehealth visits by ensuring that all medical problems, histories, and medications are discretely entered into the EHR system.
  • Offer remote assistance with telehealth phone pre-screening to learn the patient’s current symptoms, ready them for the virtual platform, and begin the EHR encounter prior to their virtual visit.
  • Provide flexible support to triage patient priority using lists for patients added to a normal schedule or separate telehealth clinic.
  • Augment internal resources with trained clinical abstractors to expand service hours, including night and weekend availability.


Contact us here or call Amanda Skinner: 904.338.6942 directly so we can immediately customize a plan to meet your organization’s telehealth needs.