Helping Healthcare Work


Since MDabstract was founded in 2010 our organization has continuously looked for ways to be of service to our healthcare provider community and our overarching goal has simply been to help. Help providers have the clinical information they need at the point of care. Help protect the provider/patient relationship from the disruptions of technology. Help providers have the needed documentation for authorization and billing processes. Our work was virtual and squarely rooted in the clinical setting.

And like most things in healthcare, the pandemic came and everything changed.

Since 2020, healthcare has faced unprecedented challenges from top to bottom. These challenges created a unique opportunity for MDabstract to move beyond the clinical and begin using our virtual staff teams to assist with the BUSINESS of healthcare. ERP, HR, Credentialing Verification – all became areas where our flexible solutions and expertise could help.

For the last several years, MDabstract has been working in the background of some of the largest hospital systems in the country, and day by day, providing the expertise and staff teams to improve workflows, documentation management and new technology adoption. In the background we have been a virtual managed service provider, Helping Healthcare Work.

So today we are proud to re-introduce you to MDabstract. No longer is our goal limited to “Helping Physicians”… our new mission is “Helping Healthcare Work”.

If your organization is faced with clinical or administrative documentation staff shortages or workflow challenges, schedule a 15-minute discovery call to see how we can help.

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MDabstract Provides Healthcare Data and Documentation Solutions. Project Based, Permanent Workforce as a Service, Clinical or Administrative, MDabstract will design a solution to meet your needs.

Project Based Solutions:

  • Enterprise Data Migration
  • M&A Data Consolidation
  • Quality Data Mining
  • ERP/Operational Data Migration
  • New Technology Adoption

Workforce as a Service Solutions:

  • Credentialing Verification
  • Administrative / HR Services
  • Daily Chart Prep
  • Ongoing Inbox Management
  • Document Routing & Indexing

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