The ROI of Strategic, Virtual Documentation Management


In the face of escalating costs and declining reimbursements, healthcare organizations are on a constant quest for strategies to enhance financial efficiency without compromising patient care. Amidst these financial challenges, the focus on cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and revenue recovery has never been more critical. This is where strategic documentation management comes into play, offering a pathway to significant financial savings and operational efficiencies.

The Financial Landscape in Healthcare:

Recent years have seen healthcare organization grappling with a dual financial dilemma: surging supply and staffing expenses alongside shrinking reimbursement rates. This financial strain necessitates innovative solutions to relieve cost pressures while maintaining, if not enhancing, the quality of patient care.

MDabstract’s Solution – Enhancing Provider Productivity and Financial Efficiency:

Originating from a clinical practice, MDabstract was designed with a clear understanding of the multifaceted cost pressures healthcare organizations face. Our model, with expert virtual teams spanning the U.S. and the Philippines, is engineered to deliver substantial cost savings compared to the alternatives of internal teams or temporary staffing solutions. At the heart of our approach is the goal to boost provider productivity, enhance data quality, and secure financial efficiencies for our partners.

Customized Pricing Models for Tailored Financial Benefits:

Project-Based Engagements: Recognizing the diversity in patient data volumes and document management needs, MDabstract offers a per-piece pricing model for specific projects like EHR migrations. This approach ensures organizations pay only for the actual work done, allowing for precise budget management and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Ongoing Engagements: For continuous support tasks, such as daily chart preparation or inbox management, our hourly pricing model presents a direct cost-saving alternative to employing internal full-time equivalents (FTEs). This model extends beyond mere salary comparisons, as it also eliminates the overhead associated with hiring, training, and equipping documentation staff.

The Tangible Benefits of Documentation Management:

Clients who partner with MDabstract for their documentation needs routinely experience savings between 15-30%. This significant cost reduction is accompanied by the value of accessing a virtual fully trained, managed team of clinical abstractors. Our services also include ongoing quality auditing, ensuring that the financial efficiencies are matched by uncompromised, if not improved, data quality and provider productivity.

In today’s challenging financial environment, healthcare organizations must explore every avenue for cost savings and operational efficiencies. Virtual documentation management, often overlooked, holds significant potential for financial improvement. With MDabstract, healthcare providers can unlock this potential, achieving a notable return on investment through customized, efficient, and quality-driven documentation services. If your organization is seeking ways to mitigate documentation costs or explore additional revenue strategies, it’s time to discover the measurable impact MDabstract’s virtual services can offer.

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