Who We Help.

MDabstract is proud to provide a host of migration and mining service to an ever-growing list of healthcare organizations, from the sole practitioner to the 1,000+ provider national systems.

National Healthcare Systems

Be it migrating your entire organization to a new EHR or acquiring one new provider, MDabstract can scale our services to meet your needs and provide a significant cost savings.

Integrated Hospital Networks

Our remote services allow us to pull data from disparate systems and create the one “source of truth” for your patient’s health information.

Primary, Specialty and Subspecialty practices

Get the accurate, consistent data you need, when you need it, to maximize productivity and clinic efficiency.

MDabstract services help all levels of an organization with clinical and administrative workflows.

Whether it is EHR migration, on-going abstraction or closing gaps for quality reporting, we take care of the data so your organization can focus on making that data impactful for patient care.