Mark A. Masters, Ph.D., CEO, MDabstract

Administrator, Baptist Heart Specialists, Baptist Health

Dr. Mark Masters is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of MDabstract. Dr. Masters also serves as Administrator for Baptist Heart Specialists in Jacksonville, FL. Mark received his Ph.D in Applied Behavioral Studies Counseling Psychology from Oklahoma State University and is a retired Licensed Psychologist. Through his career he has amassed an extensive background in business development, corporate consulting and healthcare management. Mark is also co-founder of Interpersonal Healthcare Solutions, a web-based Interpersonal Skills Training Platform for healthcare leadership and staff.

In 2012 Mark became the Administrator of Baptist Heart Specialists; a 40+ provider hospital integrated cardiology practice in Jacksonville FL. Baptist Heart Specialists was created from the merging of 2 established practices and their subsequent partnership with Baptist Health. Mark served as the CAO for the former Jacksonville Heart Center since 2005 and it was their successful transition from paper to NextGen EHR that brought about the creation of MDabstract in 2009. With a goal of providing Health Systems, Hospitals and Provider Practices with the invaluable services of chart abstraction, EHR migration, and discrete data reporting, MDabstract now serves as the only dedicated clinical abstraction company in the United States and helps over 1500 physicians in a number of specialties across multiple EHR systems.

Mark is a member of MedAxiom Cardiology, a Board Member of the Northeast Florida Health Exchange and a member of the American Medical Group Management Association and the  American College of Cardiology. He and his wife, along with their 3 children reside in Jacksonville, FL.