Healthcare is a rapidly changing environment.  As we quickly move to a place where Quality Reporting initiatives are mandatory at both the federal and private payer level, more and more is being asked of physicians. And this trend will only continue as your practice makes the transition from fee for service to quality metrics.  MDabstract’s goal is to help our clients have the data they need in the places they need it so they can prove quality and have the metrics necessary to reach mandated deadlines.  All of this in a timely, accurate and dependable manner that will saves your practice time, money and increases physician productivity.

TabletQualityReportingMDabstract specializes in helping practices and healthcare organizations prepare and meet reporting requirements for Meaningful Use, CathPCI NCDR Registry, HEDIS, SNOMED, and Pay for Performance Programs.

Here is just an example of what MDabstract has helped clients do to achieved Stage 1 Meaningful Use. Organizations must complete a set number of core objectives, menu objectives, and then unique quality measures specific to the speciality and options choosen. MDabstract takes dictated notes, information out of a legacy system or a hospital system and enters the usable, structured data that meets each requirement.

Measures that are easily captured by MDabstract:

  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Smoking status
  • Clinical decision rules
  • Family history
  • Unique procedure data
  • Quality Measures

By allowing MDabstract to partner with your hospital or clinic you will realize many benefits:

  • Increases efficiency with very little cost and accurately captures discrete data for reporting. Ability to assist with discrete data for 6 of core objectives and most of the required quality measures.
  • No added space or FTE/benefit cost and allows the providers to continue with their normal clinical process which does not impede production or revenue.
  • Charge is by the document or chart – hospital does not pay overtime or hourly costs that can quickly add up even when staff is out and in house production may be too low.
  • MDabstract provides a complete Quality audit process that starts day one where we are reviewing our entries and maintain our accuracy goals.  QA service is included as part of our commitment to our clients but does not increase cost.

We are the EXPERTS at moving clinical data.  For Quality Reporting we get the right patient data into the right spot in your EHR. On time. Every time. Quality Reporting is confusing business…we are here to help!