As most EHR utilizing practices quickly learn, going electronic does not mean going paperless. On a daily basis providers are bombarded with paper medical documents or electronic faxes that must be retained as part of the legal chart. Being able to utilize these important documents and electronically route them inside your EHR is critical – but first they must be indexed in the patients chart.

MDabstract offers indexing to further support physicians in the EHR implementation process and to reduce a practice’s overtime staff costs!

now-offering-indexingFulfilling Indexing Needs

Your Patient’s Medical Documents:

  • In The Right Place.
  • At the Right Time.
  • Every Time.
  • For Less.

MDabstract’s clinically trained staff will correctly index ANY and ALL medical documents to the right document type and category within a patient’s electronic chart.

Scanned patient documents are indexed remotely saving you financial resources on personnel, space and equipment costs.

In conjunction with your initial implementation process or part of your on-going daily EMR needs we can correctly index all medical documents based on the specific requirements of your practice.