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Pre-Load/Chart Abstraction

The initial transition to an EHR can be overwhelming to both physicians and staff. One of the key components to a successful transition is migrating the paper chart accurately to the electronic chart. Pre-loading discrete data into the EMR before your physician sees the patient protects productivity and patient experience.

abstraction-ehrQuestions to Ask Before You “Go-Live”:

  • Do I have medically qualified trained staff to abstract key data into the electronic chart?
  • Does your practice have the space, IT and equipment to house abstraction staff?
  • Can you ensure physician productivity and morale while providing an accurate and reliable chart from day 1?

How MDabstract Helps:

  • We hire, we train, we audit…so you don’t have to!
  • Work remotely through secure VPN connection to provide significant, immediate cost savings.
  • Ensure data quality so your physicians work with an accurate and reliable chart… based on the “Rules” they create.

EHR to EHR Conversion

Moving data from a Legacy Dictation System or External Database to a new EHR? Transitioning from one EHR to another? Not sure how to get data from old to new? Electronic conversion software, if available, is costly and can result in the loss of productivity from legacy system downtime. MDabstract’s trained abstractors will move your data quickly and accurately without any loss of productivity for your physicians.

Questions to Ask Before the Conversion:

  • What information must I have entered into the new EHR that is minable?
  • Do I have trained staff that can efficiently convert our data from one system to another?
  • Is a conversion software available that is cost effective, quality assured with customer service that will continue to address any issues after they have “flipped the switch” on the conversion?

How MDabstract Helps:

  • We work with you to establish a data mapping plan that meets the specific needs of your practice.
  • MDabstract will provide a manager to handle your conversion, and who will be available to your practice both during and after the transition is complete.
  • Our services save your practice time and expense when compared to conversion software or an in-house solution.

abstraction-ongoing-abstractionOngoing Abstraction

For most practices the need to enter relevant clinical data into the electronic chart is not over after the initial “Go-Live” is complete. Some of the discrete data from the labs, tests, procedures and surgeries that fill your fax bin daily must be entered into the legal chart to ensure that physicians have the information needed to make accurate medical decisions. In addition to the sheer volume of data practices are dealing with, there is also the constant pressure and looming deadlines for Meaningful Use.

The key to Meaningful Use is having ACCURATE, MINABLE data.

Questions to Ask After Your Initial “Go-Live” Implementation is Complete:

  • Does my practice have the trained staff necessary to efficiently keep up with the volume of ongoing data that must be entered into the legal chart?
  • Can we ensure the accuracy of the data entered and guarantee that it will be readily available when we need it for Meaningful Use and other government submissions?
  • Is it cost effective for my practice to manage ongoing abstraction ourselves?

How MDabstract Helps:

  • MDabstract provides 24/7 staffing to ensure critical data is available when your physicians need it.
  • We will develop and implement data “Rules” for your practice that supports your Meaningful Use plan.
  • MDabstract saves your practice staff, space and technology resources.


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